Small budget Hanuman’s unimaginable earnings, now releasing in OTT too

Mumbai, 30 January, Small budget Hanuman’s unimaginable earnings, now releasing in OTT too

The Telugu superhero film “Hanuman,” starring Teja Sajja, has received a positive response from the audience. Although released alongside several other films in theaters on January 12, “Hanuman” has managed to stand out and create a buzz at the box office, surpassing the recent releases.

Despite its modest budget, the film has not only succeeded in collecting an unimaginable amount but has also left a significant impact on the audience. The success and popularity of “Hanuman” have now attracted viewers who initially missed watching it in cinemas to eagerly anticipate its release on OTT platforms. Due to the film’s success, the producers have reportedly chosen an OTT partner, and the release date for the digital platform has also been finalized.

The small-budget film “Hanuman” has made a considerable impact, and now its OTT release details have become public. If media reports are to be believed, “Hanuman” is set to stream on OTT platforms starting from March 2.

In reality, the film’s producers initially planned to release it digitally just three weeks after its theatrical release. However, considering the grand success of the film, they have now decided to stream it on OTT platforms after seven weeks.

Earning of ‘Hanuman’

The film “Hanuman” has not only created a buzz at the box office but has also received high praise from critics. Even in its third week of release, the film continues to draw a large audience to theaters, showcasing a strong performance and sustained business. The earnings of “Hanuman” in the domestic market have reached a total of 174.45 crores within 18 days of its release. Globally, the film has amassed a collection of nearly 270 crores in just 17 days, with the numbers expected to cross the 300 crore mark soon.

The box office hit “Hanuman” is based on a fictional village called Anjandari, revolving around the events associated with a young man who roams around Hanuman.

Discussing the star cast of the film, apart from Teja Sajja, “Hanuman” features Vinay Rai, Amrita Aiyar, and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in crucial roles. Recently, the producers of the film have announced the sequel to “Hanuman.”